Big Fish Yoga classes are taught in Regina, Saskatchewan on Treaty Four Land by Connie Moker Wernikowski (she/her). In these holy yoga classes, yoga poses and breath work are gently placed within the context of Christian spirituality. The benefits are physical, mental and spiritual including fitness (strength, coordination, flexibility), relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness and enjoyment. The emphasis is on excellence of instruction and nurturing the spirit with integrity and compassion. In Connie’s classes the exercises can be modified or extended for all levels and physical needs. Students may use the integration of an open exercising body, a quiet atmosphere, slow movement and breath focus to open themselves to the presence of God in their lives.

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Connie Moker Wernikowski

Connie Moker Wernikowski

Connie is a Certified Yoga Teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience, and founder of Big Fish Yoga

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