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  • "Simon Peter went aboard and hauled ashore the net loaded with big fish - one hundred fifty three of them!" (John21:11)


    Big Fish Yoga
    How to Register?


    1) Download and print the attached Registration Form. Mail or drop off registration form with cheque to Big Fish Yoga, 3712 Allen Avenue, Regina, S4S 1A2 or...

    2) You may phone Connie at 551-6933 and register by phone. In this case, the cheque will be mailed in, or...

    3) You may email me a completed registration form and pay by email money transfer

    I am not set up to take credit cards so payment will be accepted by cash or cheque or email money transfer.

    Click to Open the Registration Form then click 'print' to print or 'save' to save a copy of the form to your computer for printing later.

    New students will also need to include a completed and signed waiver form with your registration; Click to Open the Big Fish Waiver Form

    (Holy Yoga is a ministry to serve everyone so if the cost is prohibitive, please contact Connie)


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